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Cote Light ABV 3.6%

Carlisle State Bitter ABV 3.7%

W&M Dark Mild ABV 3.7%

Parsons Pledge ABV 4.0%

Derwent Blonde ABV 4.2%

Hudson Bay ABV 4.3%

W&M Pale Ale ABV 4.4%

Mutineer ABV 4.4%

Tommy Legs ABV 4.5%

Marshall Stout ABV 5.0%

Marshall Port Stout ABV 5.2%

Derwent Brewery Ltd offers a wide range of ale styles, including seasonal brews throughout the year.

Situated in Silloth on The Solway Coast we deliver throughout Cumbria and north west England.

Some of our brews are reproductions of historically renowned beers, including Carlisle State Bitter and Auld Kendal, which dates back to 1898 and won the CAMRA Beer of Britain Cumbria Strong Ale 2011 award.

All of our new recipes are named after features and landmarks relative to the Silloth area, which is steeped in history from  the Victorian days to events during the second world war. Our soon to be released new brew Hudson Bay is named after Moricambe Bay, part of the tidal estuary north of Silloth. It was given the nickname ‘Hudson Bay’ because of the number of Lockheed Hudson bombers that went down in the bay during World War II training flights from Silloth airfield.

Hudson Bay ABV 4.3%

New Brew.

A Golden hoppy pale ale with numerous additions of hops throughout the brewing process, giving a refreshing bite and nose.


Marshall Port Stout ABV 5.2%

Named after Silloth’s tidal dock , with an addition of half a bottle of fine ruby port to each 9 gallon firkin. Winner of Solway CAMRA’s 2015 Beer of the Year Award and 2014 Beer of the Festival at the annual Carlisle Beer Festival.