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Cote Light 3.6% ABV. A pale hoppy easy drinking ale with a hit of Amarillo.

Carlisle State Bitter 3.7% ABV. English bitter based on the original State Management recipe.


Dark Mild 3.7% ABV. CAMRA Solway Branch Beer of The Year 2011. Follows Whitwell and Mark’s old Kendal recipe.

Parson’s Pledge 4.0% ABV. A complex recipe producing a golden amber bitter, with a delicate caramel, biscuit body.

Derwent Blonde 4.2% ABV. Finest lager and wheat malts, with delicate hop additions make a delicious cask lager style ale.

Reaper 4.2% ABV. A traditional English dark ruby red ale with a blend of English hops and malts.

Hudson Bay 4.3%ABV. A Golden hoppy pale ale with numerous additions of hops throughout the brewing process,

Pale Ale 4.4% ABV. A classic English pale ale brewed to Whitwell and Mark’s old recipe.

Mutineer 4.4%ABV. Finest English malt and hops producing a golden, amber bitter with hints of caramel.

Grune Point ABV 4.6%. A delicious single Citra hopped pale ale, full of citrus aroma and flavour.

Tommy Legs ABV 4.5%. A well balanced copper ale with multiple additions of cascade hops.

Marshall Stout ABV 5.0%. A dark stout full of rich coffee and chocolate flavours.

Marshall Port Stout ABV 5.2%. Half a bottle of fine ruby port into each nine gallon cask, makes a deliciously smooth dark ale.

Auld Kendal ABV 5.7%. Classic old English style strong ale, brewed to Whitwell and Mark’s 1898 recipe.